I went to the Miroir web site and see that there are 3 models listed; 150A, 150W, and 150M. Which one is this?  Thanks

Miroir HD Projector MP150

Miroir HD Projector MP150

Product No Longer Available

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    The MP150W is a End of Life product.
    If you are looking for wireless I would go with the M300A, it has the same wireless features as the MP150W.
    The MP150 and the MP150A are the same product - just different retail packaging.
    The Miroir MP150M has MHL connectivity built in, which is required for a wired connection to some Android smartphones. This is not included in the MP150A, so additional adapters may be required to connect a MP150A to an Android smartphone with MHL.

    This was from the help assistant at Miroir.

  • It's the 150A

  • One of the images shows the bottom of the projector. It shows MP150.