If i buy parallels desktop 8 I still need to buy ofice and word for mac?

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    I think you are confused about what Parallels is. Parallels is a Mac program that lets you emulate Windows (and, because of that, Windows programs) inside of Mac OSX. This is helpful if you are in a workplace that uses Windows and you need compatibility.

    Another thing you might of meant is, "Do I have to buy Windows and Office for Parallels?". (Word is included in Office.) The answer to that is yes. You need a retail copy of either Vista or 7 to run inside of Parallels. Then you buy Office to run in Windows.

    If you are getting Parallels just to run Office, then stop right there. Microsoft makes a wonderful version of Office for Mac that offers full functionality. Another option altogether is to dump Microsoft and get Apple's alternative, iWork. Although I personally have never used it, I know for a fact that it has no issues with any Office filetypes.

    I hope I helped!

  • I totally agree with Joseph R. I migrated to Mac after years of PC when I retired but found I still needed to work with my church etc in volunteer mode and to use a lot of Excel, Powerpoint and Word files from my other activities such as volunteer teacher at local college. I purchased Office for Mac, home and small business, and as far as the church is concerned they wouldn't know the difference when I send files. All my archived files from Office for Windows were completely OK too. Office for Mac is excellent. As I recall when I chose Office for Mac versus Apple's office suite is that in Apple's suite you need to consciously save as a PC compatible file if you want to share it with PC users. With Office for Mac you certainly don't need to do that. That may have changed so please check for latest position on this.