If i install 10.6 can i do a clean install? I want to erase everthing and start over

I currently have 10.6.8 I bought this computer from a friend he didnt have any discs so i was able to remove the name of the computer but he still shows up in the home section. I would like to do a clean install and wanted to know if i purchase the online snow leopard if that will do a clean install or only a upgrade.
If not i will go to an apple store to get what i need


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    I didn't know Snow Leopard was available online. But Lion can only be downloaded online and can only be installed if you have the latest version of Snow Leopard.

    To answer your question though... most people think the $29 Snow Leopard DVD can only do an upgrade, but all Snow Leopard DVDs will do a clean install with some extra steps using tools provided on the DVD. The $29 DVD does not have an "Erase and Install" option as an "automatic" option.

    When you put the DVD into your Mac, you will be presented with two options: 1) to "Continue" with a standard upgrade, or, 2) go to "Utilities".

    Select the "Utilities" button (there may be a reboot in order to run from the DVD). In the new screen that appears, under the "Utilities" menu, select Disk Utilities to format your new hard drive. When you have finished formatting, QUIT from Disk Utilities, and the installer will then complete the installation of Snow Leopard. (Note: be prepared to wait several minutes when the system reboots during installation as it copies and sets up all the files. Also, if you have another partition with an older OS on it, at some point during the installation, the installer will ask if you want to import the OS Settings, Files and/or Applications from that partition.)