is a screen protector needed/advised for the 7?

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Leather Case

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    Apple doesn't say you need one, and I've never used one. It's just personal preference and it depends on how safe you want to be.

  • Obviously it will help but it is not compulsary.

  • I personally wouldn't say it's needed but it depends on how careful you are. If you tend to put your phone in your pocket with keys/coins etc and small scratches would bother you then I would recommend you use one.

  • That's totally up to you, as always the screen on iPhones are made out of glass so a screen protector is only there to protect from scratches. If you were primarily storing your iPhone on a bag with keys coins and other items in your bag then yes as the hard surcease of keys and coins and scratch the screen under hard pressure. However if you were just wanting to put your phone in jeans or pockets then no. Like I said a screen protector only protects the screen from scratches not breaking (:

  • I would always recommend at least a plastic screen protector, the moment that the phone gets scratched the screen is far more likely to break if dropped. This case has a lip over the screen, but it can still get scratched in the pocket or bag. Highly recommend but this case will help a bit if you don't get one.