Is Apple Watch water proof ?

Is all Apple watches water proof

42mm Sport Band

42mm Sport Band

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    The new Series 2 Apple Watch is now waterproof up to 50 meters.

  • Series 1 watches are splash proof, meaning they will be fine in rain or snow and when you're washing your hands. It is not recommended or officially endorsed by Apple for the watch to be worn in the shower, but many YouTube videos show that it's fine. Series 1 watches will be fine if it is submerged under 1 metre (Check IPX7 configurations by searching on Google).
    Series 2 watches are water proof up to 50 metres below the water surface.

  • Not all Apple Watches are waterproof. Only the new Apple Watches Series 2 are waterproof for up to 50mm (50mm=54.681yd=164.042ft)