is Filemaker Pro 6.0x4 and Quick Books Pro 2007 compatable with snow leopard

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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  • Hi

    I wonder what version operating system you are currently running...

    I think Filemaker Pro 6 is a 2002 release so it is not guaranteed to work with the new Mac OS. If you do try with Snow Leopard try to use the upgrade option on installation of Snow Leopard following backing up your FP6 files in a secure location. I think it might be advisable to clear your preferences and even delete your FP6 files on the drive upon which you are installing Snow Leopard. But be careful not to lose your files (back them up before installation).

    I don't think FP6 will work if attempting to install it on a fresh Snow Leopard system. From experience take this example. I had a copy of Cyberlink's Power DVD 5 suitable for Windows XP. I installed it on boot camp in XP on my Macbook Pro 13inch and it worked fine. I then tried to install it on my pc running Windows Vista and it didn't work. However, it worked on Vista on boot camp after an upgrade-installation from XP to Vista.

    Quick books Pro 2007 appears to be an OS 10.5 release. If you clear your QBP2007 preferences, back up your QBP2007 files in a secure location, and undergo an upgrade-installation from Mac OS 10.5 or so (the version you are running) to Snow Leopard you have the best chance of succeeding in getting it working. The only way to be sure here is to get the latest version of the QB software. New versions although more money and although not always, can have other benefits. A post on a similar piece of software on an apple support discussion helped with this suggestion.

    You are probably best off keeping your current OS as it is and only upgrading to OS Snow Leopard when you are more certain that the benefits of upgrading will outweigh the costs (i.e. the worst case scenario where your programs not working for you).