Is the 60W MagSafe Power Adapter dual voltage?

I'm taking my 13inc MacBook to Australia. Do I need a voltage converter?

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    You shouldn't need a voltage converter. Australia is 220 volts, 50 Hertz. Check your adapter. It should say "110-240 volts, 50-60 Hertz" You may need an adapter to match the outlets there. You can search for "electrical outlet Australia" to see what the proper shape is for the country. You can buy a set of adapters that will cover most countries in many consumer electronics stores, or large discount stores. Then you will be set wherever you travel.

    Have a good trip.

  • You will need a different attachment (but *not* a voltage converter) similar to the "duck prong" (2-prong plug) in the item's picture.

    The easiest way to do this is to buy the "Apple World Travel Adapter Kit". This contains all the adapters you should ever need.

    Just take off the two prong plug and snap on the adapter.

  • It is. I used it in London, Frankfurt, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Prague a few months ago. All you need to do is buy the international tips, or ... save some money (unless you need another US & AsiaPac) and buy a tip locally when you get there.

  • Actually, yes they are! I bought my equipment in the US and plugged straight in (Using the different heads of course)

    All Apple Equipment is dual voltage, my Macbook Pro, Macbook, Time Capsules, Apple TV, all bought in the US and plugged straight in in the UK.

  • No, you will need the World Travel Adapter kit, included is the adapter for Australia.

    Search the apple store for "MB974ZM" (without the quotes).

  • Yes I think it is dual voltage. I'm not 100%.