Is the case a shell or is it flimsy until you put it around your phone?

  • Asked about:  Apple iPhone 7 Plus Silicone Case

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    I own the silicone case for my iPhone 6. It's made of hard plastic, with a really nice-feeling soft silicone on the outside.

    It's a really good case, but I have two of them (to go with my Apple Watch bands), and if you are planning to change the case often the corners split leaving hard plastic exposed.

    so, it isn't flimsy. It's a v good case :)

  • The case is a shell.

  • The case is somewhat a shell. It's not that flimsy because the silicone is built around this shell like material, but the inside is coated with a microfiber interior

  • Is the same way and exact same case as used in iPhone 6 and plus.

  • It's a shell. It has a metal inside covered by a soft material on the inside and silicone on the outside

  • The case is flexible not in the phone, rigid when put on around the iPhone.