Is the nylon sports band suitable for exercise? Or is the sports band the only one suitable for exercise?

  • Asked about:  38mm Woven Nylon

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    I like it for exercise. It is less irritating on my skin when I'm sweaty than the two sports bands I have.

  • I started using the woven band for working out. The band will hold up fine, but when you sweat, it absorbs into the band and starts to smell after a while. I have washed mine a few times but the smell has never completely washed out. I went back to using the sports band even though it is heavier.

  • The Nylon band is fine for exercise but it'll probably not be as comfortable or sweat proof as the Sports band.

  • I have the sports band and the modern buckle and wear both for long runs and working out. They both work fine, so I'm sure this one will too.