Is there an LED charge indicator?

Is this charger "sleep friendly"? Meaning, are there any lights that are illuminated during charging...

mophie wireless charging base

mophie wireless charging base

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5 Answers from the Community

  • Yes there is an LED light.
    When you put your phone on the charging base a green light will illuminate and will stay on the whole time your phone is charging.

  • Received today. There is a very small green light on the base but near enough to the edge to be seen. The green light went on as soon as I put the phone on the charger.

  • It has a very very tiny light that faces down. Just enough to let you know it is charging I returned two chargers for being too night this one puts out virtually no light and the led is colored gray.

  • Per Mophie in response to an Amazon question, there is an LED at the base of the charger. It only lights up when charging is complete. Not sure how bright it is - I'm currently shopping for one of these now. Might have to go to an Apple store and check it out in person.

  • There aren’t any LED lights, so it is “sleep friendly”.