Is there an option to get internet from another WIFI device (as a cable modem) instead of connecting the modem via Ethernet to the Airport Extreme?

I would like to use an airport extreme and get the internet connection from another router via WIFI instead of connecting it to the ethernet port, in other routers this option is called WISP. Is there this kind of functionality in the airport?

  • Asked by fn from San Lorenzo
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    No way to do this directly from the cable modem as AE does not support bridging or wisp, only works with another airport devices.

    • Answered by Luis M from San Lorenzo
  • I tried yesterday to connect my AE to my Shaw Cisco modem/router via wifi and had to use a hard reset to get my AE working again. I might be doing something wrong, but IMHO, the only way to do what you want is to connect another AE or Airport Express (the little one). I currently have my airport express connected to the modem/router by ethernet, and the Airport Extreme has the wifi connection to the airport express. Works fine, but I only have 803.11n between the two Airports, since the Express does not support ac.

    • Answered by Steve G from Calgary