Is this controller actually compatible with my MacBook Pro?

In the description it says you need OS X 10.9 or later, but it only lists IOS devices as compatible. I've also seen listings on Ebay of people saying they mistakingly purchased this for their Mac, but it doesn't work. I'm concerned because I have already purchased a PXN speedy wireless controller for the same reason and it only works with IOS.

HORIPAD ULTIMATE Wireless Game Controller

HORIPAD ULTIMATE Wireless Game Controller

Product No Longer Available

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    This controller should work fine with your MacBook Pro, as long as it has bluetooth 4.0. I've noticed that on mine it doesn't work with Steam games, but it has worked with all of the emulators that I have tried with it.

  • I picked one up and so far, I can pair the Nimbus with my Macbook but the mapping for games is all screwed up. Would not recommend.

  • Absolutely doesn't work with Steam games. Analog sticks are reversed and there is no way to configure the buttons or the gamepad itself. Looks discontinued on the Hori website. Have returned it to the Apple store. While it connects via Bluetooth just fine, that's all it does.

    If you need a gamepad for Steam games, you will need to get the Steam controller.