Is this controller compatible with Steam?

i.e. Does it register as a controller for Steam games?

HORIPAD ULTIMATE Wireless Game Controller

HORIPAD ULTIMATE Wireless Game Controller

Product No Longer Available

2 Answers from the Community

  • It seems to be hit and miss. I've tried the following games, results follow:

    Magicka 2 - Works but left analog stick is inverted
    SpeedRunners - Doesn't work
    Gang Beasts - Works and buttons are remappable
    Towerfall Ascension - Doesn't work
    Crawl - Doesn't work

    I would not consider this controller to be compatible with Steam. Best avoided as of July 2016.

  • Best Answer:

    I bought this controller today and I've been trying to play multiple games in Steam but the controller is not recognized. As of now, this controller is not compatible with Steam.