Is this HomeKit enabled?

Chamberlain MyQ Garage Universal Garage Door Controller

Chamberlain MyQ Garage Universal Garage Door Controller

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    Not yet but Chamberlain was shown at WWDC back in June as a company supporting home kit in future products. So anything you buy today is not Home Kit enabled and typically requires purchasing the new version when a Home Kit enabled version is released (it's not just a software upgrade). No word on when a Home Kit enabled version will be released.

  • As of now it isn't HomeKit or Siri enabled . I'm also using iOS 10 beta which has the Apple Home (HomeKit) app and it doesn't show up as an accessory. I also have a Schlage Sense lock and it does work with Siri, and shows up as an accessory in the Home app, but comes up as "Not Supported". So it sounds like now that Apple finally has a HomeKit app in iOS 10, and released it to developers, the accessory companies need to add functions to their products. BTW, Lutron Caseta and Ecobee thermostats work great in iOS 10 HomeKit and the app is pretty nice so far.

  • No! HomeKit is not supported. The manufacturer seem to keep promising compatibility, but nothing yet after more than 1 year of talking. So in my mind, that means it is not coming.

  • No home kit support or CarPlay support

  • No, it isn't.

  • No. Chamberlain is a partner, but they have not yet announced HomeKit compatibility.

  • It is not. Information from the manufacturer is unclear at this time.

  • This particular model is not. From the sounds of it a future version will be.