Is this okay to use with the sport edition?

At the Apple Store, I heard that metal bands could scratch the aluminum surface of the Apple Watch Sport. Is this true still? The compatibility just says any 42mm case.

42mm Milanese Loop

42mm Milanese Loop

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    That is still possible because of the Stainless Steel can scratch the Aluminum but if you're careful when swapping the bands, it should limit the impact. Realistically, who is going to notice near the band connections? I suppose it could scratch the back of the watch because it does just cling to the back when I put it down due to the band clinging to the back due to the magnet. Also, there is the possibility of corrosion because of the two dissimilar metals contacting each other. It's called Galvanic Corrosion. However, Apple did use coating to help protect against that. Only time will tell if there will be any long-term affect. If you read up on it, then it shouldn't be an issue. Having said that, I had the same concerns as you did but I picked one up for my Sport Grey Sport Edition and love it! It looks really slick and really comfortable. It was between that and the black Nylon and love my purchase. So much better than the sport band. I think it even looks a bit better with the Sport Grey vs. the Black Stainless Watch.

    You're right, the page says any 42MM case and I did confirm that. I also confirmed with Tech Support and Apple Store employee, who verified with support, that it won't void the warranty.

    I would think, if it was a huge concern, Apple would list on the page, 42MM Watch only, etc.

    Hope this helps!

  • Yes the band I believe should just easily slide in like a normal band, and shouldn't really scratch the watch case itself because one of my friends uses a sport watch and the Milanese loop and his wasn't scratched so you should be just fine.

  • Yes all straps are interchangeable between the different watches along as you have chosen the right size. I have not heard about metal bands scratching the case.