I´ve mac book air intel 2 core duo and 1.6 ghz, is ok to take just snow actualization? or i should take whole MAC pack?

I dont know what benefits ill get with just the Snow leopard

And i want to know what extra ill get with the whole pack so i can buy the best option.

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    Only need to have the $29 Snow Leopard install disk.

    The Mac Box Set includes the above, plus iLife and iWorks.

    The $29 install will install over Tiger, over Leopard and over a freshly formatted partition or hard drive. If doing a fresh install, the installation will give you opportunity to import settings, applications, and/or files from another partition with previous Mac OS. (Doing a clean install this way, also allows you to go back and start up from your old OS partition if you need to because something doesn't work quite right. I had printers that took several days to work properly under Snow Leopard.)

    Snow Leopard requires 1) Intel-based Mac, 2) 1 GB RAM, 3) 5 GB Hard Drive Space, 4) DVD. Mac Box Set requires 2 GB RAM and 12 GB hard drive space.

    Look at the Apple web site to determine what benefits/extra features Snow Leopard may give you. So far, every program I had running under Tiger, will run under Snow Leopard.