Left-Handed Keyboard? It's come to my attention that reaching over for the Arrows, Numbers, and Delete keys is causing serious left shoulder pain.

As a Graphic Designer, Photographer and a lefty, I would like to use my keyboard and not have to reach across my body to the right side of the keyboard for keys when I'm also using my mouse.

Doing this movement for decades has brought me unfortunate left shoulder pain. I now wake up in the morning after a long shift in pain. Is there any hope?

  • Asked by fn from Portland
Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

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    Been there, done all that. Took typing course to learn to use both hands and it has really worked wonders . I used to hunt and peck, mostly using my right hand. Learning to use both hands really helps. When doing spreadsheets, it is so much faster to use both hands. The only drawback is the learning curve. So hurry up and start. the sooner you learn all the keys, the sooner the arm and shoulder start to improve. Been there.

    • Answered by Susan H from Big Canoe