Like previous earbud models, how easily will my music be heard by others sitting within proximity to me?

Current earbuds, when at half of maximum volume, emit a clear sound of the music or audio that someone is listening to when not in their ear. But the in-ear earbuds make listening in, or eavesdropping, on music more of a harder task. How easily will other people be able to hear the audio that is emitted by these earbuds when they are not in their own ear?

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

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    If you play your music at full volume then yes, the person next to you will definitely
    here your music. At half volume in a quite room, barely audible. Hope that helps.

  • Using the EarPods personally, we tried them in our Apple Store today. They are surprisingly quiet to others around you. The only thing that is heard is a soft rumble.

  • The ports in the casing are designed to increase the "natural-ness" of the sound you hear, warming up the mids and lows especially. This does come at a cost of those around you hearing what you are listening to. These are a bit of a hybrid design, directing the sound toward your ear canal, but not firmly plugging into it. Yes people will still hear what you are listening to, but *you* will be hearing the best audio you can get in this price range.

  • The noise from the new EarPods will be less audible to other people in close proximity than standard earbuds as the new EarPods direct sound into the ear canal. But they will be more audible to other people than in ear earphones. Of course how audible your music is to others depends on how loud you play your music.

  • Less likely when compared to the old Apple earphones, as the new EarPods have sound directed more in to the ear.

  • If I understand your question, the EarPods should be less audible to people around the person wearing them than the previous Apple ear buds. The EarPods fit a bit deeper into the ear canal and project sound directly into the ear canal. The older Apple ear buds fit more loosely allowing more sound to escape and be audible to others.

  • No, the sound is directed, directly toward you eardrum and cannot be heard by others around you