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If I update using snow leapard, from 10.5.8 to 10.6. Will all the content in my macbook gone?

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    It should all remain. But some Apple programs and drivers will be updated.

    However when I install a new version of the Mac OS, I play it extra cautious (in case there is a power outage during the install, or an updated driver is needed that Snow Leopard can not install).

    Create a new partition on your hard drive, that is at least as large as the contents on your old hard drive. To create the partition use the Disk Utility on the Snow Leopard disk and format as "Mac OS Extended (Journalled)". Install Snow Leopard to this new partition. During install, Snow Leopard will search for other partitions with older versions of the Mac OS. When it finds, it will ask if you want to import OS settings, files and applications. Do this.

    Afterwards, you can start up from either the Snow Leopard partition or the Leopard partition. This comes in handy, if you are missing a driver for a printer or scanner (I have some oddball printers and out-of-date scanners which took a while to figure out how to use in Snow Leopard, so until I could figure out, I could still start up from the old OS partition to use). When you are happy with the Snow Leopard installation, you can delete your old OS partition (or keep it just in case).

    Make sure to save all your new files and edits to the new partition, no matter which partition you start up from. Turn off email on the old partition before you begin the installation, and turn on email after you restart in Snow Leopard.

    [You can also create a partition on an external hard drive, but I would then recommend cloning your old OS partition to it (use Disk Utility's "restore" feature to clone the contents of the old OS partition). Make sure you can start up from the external partition. Then install Snow Leopard on the old internal partition.]

  • not at all. if you have products that are not compatible with 10.6, i would recommend updating.

  • Upgrading from 10.5.8 to Snow Leopard should not cause any loss of data. However, best practice always dictates having a complete up to date backup before performing an upgrade, just in case something goes wrong.