My school wifi connection is extremely slow. Will the apple air port help?

  • Asked by fn from Denver
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    Yes and No, It depends on the speed of the devices (computers, printers, etc) you have now.

    Getting the Extreme when all the computers still have the old B speed would be a waste of money. Unless of course the school is going to update the computers in the next 1 or 2 years then the new computers may have the new AC cards. It may clear up dead spots because the old router may be on it's last legs or just isn't in a very good place.
    Be aware tho, "AC" is still in the "Draft" mode, in other words it has not finalized what version the AC speed "specs" will be so you would be betting Apple made a good choice on if they picked the right one or not.

    You would have to get AC band wireless cards for each computer to take advantage of the new AC speeds. And if they were USB dongles you would also have to have USB 3 ports on the computers for the faster transfer speed.
    Say you have 10 B speed computers and 10 G speed computers, if you are accessing computers with the G speed, every time the B computers accessed the WiFi it will slow the WiFi network down until it's done then it will go back to the G speed.

    The WiFi cards and router can connect at the slower speeds but they can't go faster then what they are rated at.
    Your WiFi network will only go as fast as the slowest device connected to the network.

    Make sure all the computers have the same speed wireless cards and have a router that has the same speed. Wireless printers aren't really a problem as they only connect for a few seconds at a time anyway, not really enough time to bother anything. Make sure there aren't any interference problems from other wireless networks like cordless phones, microwave ovens, etc, in the area.

    If you can split the slow computers onto it's own network B & G (2.4-Mhz band) and have the faster ones on, say, the "N" 5 gz band then all the better. A simultaneous dual band router would work great.

    • Answered by Jay B from Longview
  • definitely!

    • Answered by Derek V from Grand Haven