Not waterproof?

According to the specs of this Link Bracelet, it is made of the same stainless steel as the stainless steel Apple Watch. The new Series 2 is waterproof, yet this Link Bracelet is not. Why would the bracelet not be waterproof? This does not make sense.

  • Asked about:  42mm Link Bracelet

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    I went to my local Apple Premium Reseller Centre here in Italy and asked them for this question.
    They told me that the Linl Bracelet has springs and screws not in stainless steel (in aluminium) and that the suggested bracelet as waterproof (i.e. for swimming) is ONLY the flourelastomer SPORT model bracelet. All other models have some parts NOT in stainless steel and ARE NOT waterproof.

  • The footnote of the Watch Series 2 says that stainless steel bracelets are not waterproof (cf. footnote 4). Any explanation will be appreciated.

  • I have searched this page all over and could not find where it says it is not water proof? This is just a band and does not include the watch. This band doesn't have a waterproof spec because it has no electronic components. I hope this answers your question.