osx 10.4.11

i have imac 5,1 (intel core 2 duo/ osx 10.4.11 tiger / iLife 06' )

how do i upgrade to snow leopard or lion?

and if i do will i loose my iWeb website i created on iLife 06'? i heard the newer versions don't support the older and i wont be able to open them anymore- is this true?

and will i also loose the ability to open/edit any of my Garageband or iMovie files ive created in the 06' version?

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    I have the same system as you (bought July 2007), and I upgraded direct from OS 10.4.11 to Snow Leopard (SL) using the $29 DVD. I did not use the Mac Box Set with the newer iLife. ALL of my programs (including the iLife programs that came with the iMac) continue to work in SL as before. (Note, however, that Lion discontinued support for Rosetta, meaning many older applications will not work in Lion... such as MS Office 2004.)

    When installing Snow Leopard, using the $29 DVD, I recommend cloning OS 10.4.11 to another bootable partition (perhaps on an external drive). This will let you boot from either OS after SL is installed. Particularly handy if a printer driver doesn't work and needs updating... or you happen to have a program that doesn't work in Snow Leopard (I had a scanner utility that needed a new version).

    All Snow Leopard disks can do a "Clean Install". But with the $29 disk you need to follow some extra steps, since "Erase and Install" is not part of the automatic installation... but the tools to do so are provided on the DVD.

    Basically, when you put the Snow Leopard DVD into your Mac, you will be presented with two options: 1) to "Continue" with a standard upgrade, or, 2) go to "Utilities". Select the "Utilities" button (there will be a reboot in order to run from the DVD). In the new screen that appears, under the "Utilities" menu, select Disk Utilities to format your new hard drive partition. When you have finished formatting, QUIT from Disk Utilities, and the installer will then complete the installation of Snow Leopard. (Note: be prepared to wait several minutes when the system reboots during installation as it copies and sets up all the files. Also, if you have another partition with an older OS on it, at some point during the installation, the installer will ask if you want to import the OS Settings, Files and/or Applications from that partition. This makes for a very smooth transition when upgrading from OS 10.4.11 to Snow Leopard.)