Questions about iPad pro quick charging.

I purchased iPad Pro yesterday (2015.11.12)and intend to shorten the charging time as fast as possible. I find Apple 29W USB - C Power Adapter and think if I buy another USB-C to Lightning Cable, will this way shorten my charging time on iPad Pro?

At least, 1) Could anyone let me know the max output Voltage and Current of Apple 29W USB - C Power Adapter?
2) What's the max output Voltage and Current supported by iPad Pro?

I also advise Apple to develop a specific quick charging plan for iPad Pro, which definitely will make it more competitive.

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    Yes, the 12" has a built‐in 41‐watt‐hour rechargeable lithium‑polymer battery. So it supports fast charging and would work with the 29W usb-c power adapter.

  • It was possible up until iOS 11 to use either a third party adaptor or cable for fast charging but now, this has been disabled. I have a Apple usb c cable and third party adapter, used to charge from 0 to full in less than 2hrs or positively charge when running. ...not now. It loses power and resembles that from a 12w charger, Poor show to cripple third party kit.