Since my CD drive is broken, is there a way I can buy an external CD drive to use to download the SL upgrade?

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    Snow Leopard comes on a DVD. It is not available as a download.

    If no working optical drive, there are several options to install Snow Leopard:

    1) Attaching an external optical "DVD" drive "should" work. Insert SL DVD, restart Mac and hold option key during startup to choose SL DVD.

    2) Put Mac on same network as another Mac with a working optical drive. Instructions are on SL install DVD on how to install SL from the optical drive on another Mac.

    3) On another Mac with working optical drive, use Disk Utility to create a disk image (DMG) of the SL install DVD. Transfer DMG to your Mac. On your Mac create a new partition 10GB in size (formatted "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)"). RESTORE the DMG to the new partition. Restart your Mac, hold down Option Key during restart and choose the partition with the SL install files to start up from.

    4) Get a USB flash drive at least 10 GB in size. Use disk utility to reformat flash drive so it is "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)". On a Mac with working optical drive, use disk utility to RESTORE the SL DVD directly to the flash drive. Then use the flash drive to do the install (insert flash drive, restart Mac and hold down option key so you can then choose the flash drive.)

    5) On another "similar Mac", create a new partition (at least 10GB in size, but as large as you wish, formatted "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)"). Install SL to that partition. Then make a disk image (DMG) and restore to a new partition (also formatted "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)") on your Mac. Restart Mac, hold down option key, and you should be able to choose starting up with the SL partition. (This "install" method is also useful if one needs to have SL on a newer Mac that otherwise does not allow SL to be installed.)

    (Note: In option 3, 4 or 5, for flash drive, one can also use an external HD. For transferring DMG files, one can use a flash or external drive or do transfer over a network.)