So which one is better between this Earpods and In-Ear ??

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

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    I really like these new Earpods! They sound fantastic. They do not completely seal out background noise but can handle high volume quite nicely. Great for biking,hiking,walking,running(YES! they stay in your ears!).Great for situations where you have to be aware of your surroundings.
    In-Ear types are great if you want to put out the "Do Not Disturb" sign. They seal out almost all background noise to force more created sound into your ear canals. It also increases friction noise like your headphone cord rubbing while you're in motion.
    My vote is for the new Apple Earpods! We use all of our sences naturally. Why eliminate one.

  • I've had both and I personally like the EarPods much better. They sound 100x better and are way more comfortable. And they're tons cheaper :)

  • I've owned both and a few others besides. Between the Earpods and the In-Ear, I prefer the In-Ear for sound quality (no background noise) and comfort while exercising, and I prefer the EarPods when running, specifically because they let more background noise through. Catching a car to the head hurts. The EarPods are a lot more comfortable for laying around listening to music and/or shows; the pressure from the silicone seals on the In-Ear headphones would make my ears hurt after an hour or two.

  • I have both. The bass is stronger on the earpods which I like. You won't hear as much background noise on the in-ears but so far I am liking the earpods more.

  • I have both.
    I personally like the in ear more. Against most of other users.
    the in ear provides more detail and more "open"
    while the ear pod has much better bass, but the bass does interfere into mid range and some times you just heard a heavy tut without any other sound.
    and it shift the over all sound into heavy, muddy low range.
    every song got a artificial feeling of dark low sound
    I think it won't be sensible to hope these tiny drivers to provide quality bass without distorting them.
    I personally can't find any other brands of so call "excellent bass" earphone without synthetically boosting them.
    So I am happy to trade the bass for more musical details.
    one thing I need the in-ear to improve is its sound stage. it is kind of clamped.

  • I have both and I personally think the ear pods are better

  • Well I don't actually own these yet (gonna buy a pair soon) but from all the reviews I read, they are pretty fantastic. The sound quality is amazing (good bass, highs, and lows), they fit comfortably in your ear and don't fall out (for the majority of posters this was true), and you can even sleep with them and they'll be comfortable. And, they don't provide total noise cancellation like in-ear headphones with the silicone seal (if you like to hear a little bit of background noise while listening to music, I know I do), so you can still be aware of what's going on around you. Hope this helps!

  • I have used numerous in-ear units and by far, the Earpods are the best. I can doze off in the chair, enjoying the rich sound quality throughout all of the ranges and on the other end of the spectrum, I put them on while out on the lawn tractor and i become immersed in the same quality while cutting over 2 acres of lawn (something else that I enjoy).

    In phone calls, I have less complaints about my voice quality than when using various bluetooth hands free devices,

    In summary, the Earpods are by far, the best bang for the buck in their class.

    Highly recommended!

  • I prefer these EarPods to every In-Ears ive ever used.

  • My experience with earpods has been that while running, they used to pop out of my ears, and that was because of gravity. I realised that if the audio cable is adjusted to come from behind the neck, it absorbs the shocks while doing activities and earpods stay in the ears too. Though, this is a make do, best case scenario - get both of them.

  • The EarPods are better... for now... until Apple addresses some of the shortcomings of the in-ear.

  • EarPods are supposed to be more ergonomic, but they keep falling out of my ears. I am not convinced and disappointed. I had the same issue with the headphones supplied with my iPod nano 7 and I had to replace those as well. For reference purposes I am standard build Northern European. I am considering the in ear headphones by Apple due to the fact that my preferred 3rd party headphone producer created their phone version in ear headphones with an a-symmetrical cord, which is a no-go for me. I suppose that with all silicone based in-ear plugs you can always get some friction noises, but at least you won't lose them...

  • earpods ,in ear are just the standard ones with cushions.