can I hook up my ipad 3 to a projector. And can I show my apps and websites on a tv

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    Yes. I assume that "projector" means a TV or any other display that has HDMI audio+video input.
    Method #1: Buy Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter (apron $50): one end goes into iPAD dock connection. The other end is dual: one connects to HDMI cable that goes into TV "projector" one is to plug into power - you will need it. Other AV connectors for iPAD don't have power input.
    This way, your TV "projector" mirrors your iPAD. So you can watch movies or show photos, etc. on the big screen.
    Method #2: Apple TV (aprox $100). This is cool because it's small enough to carry anywhere and is designed to connect to any TV HDMI port. You can then play anything on your iPAD or iPhone over local Wi-Fi. Has a remote control. But also gives you the ability to rent and stream/watch a movie, etc through Netflix or iTunes. No iPAD or Mac computer needed.
    Method #3: If you want to do something similar but using MacBook or Mini Mac, get adaptor called "Mini Display Port" connector (AKA "thunderbolt" port) at one end to connect to Mac and HDMI connector at other end. Mac OS will detect it and make it an adjunctive display. OS is very smart that way. So you can use your big screen TV as an extra display. You can connect virtually any length HDMI cable (I've used 25 feet) between your Mac and your TV as long as the HDMI cable is up-to-date version.

    • Answered by Jane C from New York
    • 01 8, 13
  • you need to get a lightning to HDMI connector (don´t know if there are lightning to VGA connectors as well)
    not all apps are supported

    • Answered by Christian W
    • 01 3, 13