Can I Store My personal Videos/Photos on Apple TV 32GB Memory..?

I wish to store my personal Videos and Pictures on my New Apple TV which got 32GB Memory in it.
So that I don't have to connect every time to my devices to view them.

Is it Possible..?

or that 32GB memory is only for the Online stream / Download TV programs only from Internet.?

2 Answers from the Community

  • NO...
    1. Put your Photos on your Apple TV iCloud via Computer > Switch on iCloud Photo Sharing "ON" on your Apple TV > Account...
    2. Same time you can SHARE photos from your iPhone to Apple TV iCloud ID with use of Shared Album technique.

    • Answered by Murugaiah B from Jaffna
    • 01 5, 18
  • No, the onboard storage is for apps only.

    • Answered by Jace C from Coplay
    • 12 14, 17