can i stream movies from a NAS i.e a synology DS212J or any other to apple tv.

I want to store all my movies on a NAS rather than on my MAC Book Pro and play through apple TV. Is this doable?

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    You can only access your media from your NAS via your Mac and mirror it to your AppleTV. The AppleTV cannot access the NAS directly.

    • Answered by Jj L from Pretoria
    • 01 22, 13
  • Yes. I have a DS 211J which is similar. I also own an Apple TV and stream to it all the time and my PS3. I store digital copies of my movies on the Synology and stream to my 32 in the bedroom from the DS's location in my living room wirelessly. Sound like what your wanting to do? Four pieces of equipment have to be present in the network.

    What you need to have: 1. Your Synology disk station. 2. Your router. 3. Your apple TV. 4. A desktop or laptop with iTunes.

    What you need to do: 1. Add all of the videos stored to your DS212j to itunes so it knows where to find them. iTunes runs on either PC or MAC but you only need to "pair" iTunes to your videos with one (1) computer. WARNING: If that computer has limited storage turn off copy file to computer when adding to iTunes library. I had this problem initially. I have 3tb of video and music. When I would add a folder to my iTunes library on my mac pro it's hard drive wasn't big enough to copy them all. By default it does this so when the object containing the folder added is removed from the network you still have access to the files/video/music. Since my hard drive wasn't big enough I kept getting a copy error a quarter of the way through the add process. Turn this off and you won't get the error and your computer will know where to look for the media files. If you want to know the full process just google it. There are walk troughs galore.

    2. On the computer's iTunes program enable home sharing. Again google the process if you want to know.

    3. On your Apple TV after you set it up, "pair" it to the same iTunes account name you used for home sharing on your computer.

    4. Ensure your computer and the apple TV are on the same network, wireless or wired (don't use a network extender as they have their own hardware firewall you have to tunnel through using other complicated port forwarding steps.
    NOTE: Your computer with iTunes should show up on your apple TV in the machines menu, browse and watch.

    • Answered by Christopher S from Fort Hood
    • 02 18, 13