Can I use Apple TV without subscription to a cable/dish/direct service? Thanks

I have wi-fi intent service but NOT cable or direct or dish service. Can I use Apple TV?

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    Yes...BUT. Many of the Apps on the ATV do require that you ALSO have a cable or satellite subscription to watch them on the ATV. Discovery Channel, History Channel and many others require that you login to the ATV through your cable provider to access the App.
    Bottom line is that the Apple TV still has a LONG way to go if it plans on replacing cable completely.

    • Answered by Mario P from Virginia Beach
    • 02 27, 16
  • Absolutely, you can use it without cable/dish service. If you've got Internet, you're good to go!

    If you're not sure what apps are available, a quick trip to the Apple Store will get you a demo of what's out there. They can also explain what the major networks are offering for folks without a cable/internet account.

    • Answered by James S from Folsom
    • 02 15, 16