Can I use the Spotify app through Apple TV?

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    Yes and no. While Apple TV does not include Spotify as a choice yet, you can use Mirroring to play Spotify from other Apple products through your Apple TV. Another way to play Spotify is to select System Preferences on iMac then select Sound and then AirPlay (will play the sound through your TV speakers without visual Mirroring.)

    I wish Apple would include Spotify as a "channel" choice on its fine Apple TV. But since Spotify competes with iTunes I don't know if Apple will ever do it.

    The way things are developing, with Spotify and other such "free" streaming services it may soon make purchasing recordings obsolete.

    • Answered by Richard B from Round Rock
    • 03 22, 13
  • Launch Spotify app, play music.
    Hold down alt/option key.
    Click the speaker icon in the top right of your menu bar.
    Select your apple TV

    This sends your sound to the apple TV, but not the screen.

    • Answered by Graeme R from Oceanside
    • 12 15, 13
  • Graeme R's answer is *very* helpful! One minor enhancement: the volume controls are apparently destination-specific. So make sure you try turning up the sound via the controls on your Mac if you've followed his instructions but still don't hear any sound.

    • Answered by Erik W from San Francisco
    • 02 16, 14
  • Because I can not use Spotify on Apple TV

    • Answered by Rafael A. M from Brooklyn
    • 12 28, 13