Can I watch a purchased movie on my TV via Apple TV without an internet connection

I want to be able to watch purchased movies on my Caravan TV (with apple TV connected) while travelling in areas that have no internet connection. Is this possible and how? Thank you.

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  • Yes, as long as you bring a computer with you. Before leaving home, start iTunes, go to iTunes Store, click on Purchased (on the right-hand side of the window), and select Not in My Library. iTunes will display the posters for all the movies you have purchased but not yet downloaded to your computer; each poster has a little cloud in its upper right corner. Click on the cloud, and that movie will begin downloading to your iTunes library. You can click on the rotating icon in the upper right corner of the iTunes window to check the download progress and estimated time remaining.

    Once the movie has downloaded to your computer, you can watch it on your Apple TV from the Computers icon (NOT the Movies icon). The Movies icon is for playing movies off the iTunes Store via the internet, so it will be useless when you're travelling in remote areas. The Computers icon displays movies that are in your computer's iTunes library, and they will always be available whether your router has an external internet connection or not.

    Note that your computer must be on and running iTunes, and both iTunes and the Apple TV must have Home Sharing turned on and configured with the same Apple ID that was used to purchase the movies.

    It sounds a bit complicated, but I do this regularly and it's actually quite easy.

    • Answered by Julian B from Baie-d'urfe
    • 04 7, 16