can you record purchased tv shows on the new AppleTV?

Does anyone know if the new AppleTV allows you to record TV shows/movies purchased from the Itunes store to watch later? Or is the memory reserved for apps and games, and to smooth out streaming?

My only internet options where I live are cellular and satellite- which tend to be painfully slow in the evenings when I have time to watch a show. So- if I can purchase and record shows late night/early morning to watch later, I'd buy an AppleTV today. But if I can only stream then the AppleTV is pretty much worthless to me (and to the millions of Americans like me who have no options but sattelite, cellular, or dial-up )

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  • I live in a rural area as well and I use satellite internet. I have purchased the Apple TV and am enjoying it. I find if I purchase movies/TV shows from ITunes and download it at a separate time from when I want to watch it this works best. You can download it and then AirPlay it from any of your Apple devices using them like a remote control. I have played Netflix off it as well. I believe Apple has a 14 day return policy (confirm with them first) which would allow you to try it in your area to see if it will work for you. (Easy to setup) I do find sometimes I have to be patient with it but on the most part I have been very happy with it. My main concern is I don't have enough data (limited to 2gb/day). You can also play any movies/shows/music that you have already on your iTunes account. Hope it works for you as well as it has for me!

    • Answered by Sheila B from Georgetown
    • 10 31, 15