Can you sign into one channel app on 2 different Apple tv's? I'm thinking about buying a second for the bedroom

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  • This depends completely on the service in question, and has nothing to do with the Apple TV. For example, Netflix offers three levels of service which support one, two and four simultaneous devices. If you have the two-device Netflix subscription, you'll be able to watch two different movies on Netflix on two Apple TVs, however, you will not be able to watch a third simultaneous movie on your computer, iPad or iPhone.

    Free apps that come with Apple TV (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) do not have any simultaneous device restrictions, so you can watch three different YouTube videos simultaneously on three different devices.

    IMPORTANT: Your internet connection is what ultimately determines the maximum number of simultaneous videos you can watch. Netflix, for example, typically consumes 3-5 Mbps per high-quality HD (1080p) movie stream. Therefore you'll need a 10 Mbps internet connection in order to watch two simultaneous HD movies on two Apple TVs. It's also preferable to have an unlimited-usage internet connection, as watching simultaneous HD movies can cause you to exceed any caps you might have. I have only one Apple TV and typically consume 200-250 GB per month. Free apps such as YouTube generally have much lower resolution so your internet connection is less of a constraint.

    • Answered by Julian B from Baie-d'urfe
    • 03 10, 16