Can you watch telemundo with apple TV?

My wife is of latin descent & wishes to view the telemundo channel. The providers and networks shown. I do not see telemundo listed. Do you now of a way to watch that particular channel with apple TV?

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    I've been trying to do the same and I feel your pain. This is what I have found: You can watch on-demand Telemundo content via their Telemundo Now app and their website They have been very shady about curbing the way the content is accessed. On the mobile app, they have encrypted the video stream so you cannot use AirPlay to send it to your Apple TV. This forces you to watch only on your mobile device. Secondly, their website uses Adobe Flash to play content, which means the website is useless in your iPhone or iPad. The only way I have been able to watch Telemundo Now on my TV is by physically connecting a cable from my Windows computer to my TV and using the web browser on your PC or laptop. The only other provider I know that is this mediocre making their content available is MTV networks. What prevents Telemundo from making their content available via Hulu or some other way remains a mystery. Essentially, unless you hook up your computer to your television, there is just no way to watch Telemundo using any TV box like the Apple TV or Roku.

    • Answered by Mario V from Clifton
    • 10 18, 15
  • No

    • Answered by Maria B from Auburm
    • 01 21, 17