Does the new Apple TV (4th generation) have the standard internet "radio" feature that the previous Apple TVs had?

NOTE: I am not referring to "iTunes Radio." I understand that Apple Music will be integrated into the new Apple TV. I am referring to the basic internet "Radio" feature that allows us to listen to radio stations (e.g. KQED in the Bay Area, etc.).

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    The answer is actually NO. The radio stations that used to part of iTunes and AppleTV have disappeared. I used to listen to KCRW and WAMU via the appleTV - this ability no longer exists. However a new app just arrived today in the AppleTV App Store - called "myTuner Radio." This allows me to do this again.

    • Answered by John M from Washington
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  • Yes, it does. It's found under the Music app on the new Apple TV

    • Answered by Jack P
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