How do I determine if my Apple TV is second or third generation?

I currently own three Apple TV devices, all of which bear Model #MC572C/A.
I have lost the ability to utilize the YouTube channel on all three devices.
I have read online that this has occurred as a result of a Google update to its YouTube Channel.
I have also read that Apple will not be providing a software update to correct this issue on its older models.
As all of my devices are running the most current software available (i.e. 6.2.1), am I correct in assuming that my models are all second generation and that it will be necessary for me to purchase new third generation models to correct this issue?

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    As a response has not yet been posted to this question and I am not aware of the procedure for withdrawing my initial posting, I am answering my own question for the benefit of others who might encounter the same issue.

    After additional online searching, I was able to discover the following:

    Apple TV - 2nd generation
    Subfamily - 2nd generation
    Model No. - A1378
    EMC No. - 2411

    Apple TV - 3rd generation, early 2012
    Subfamily - 3rd generation
    Model No. - A1427
    EMC No. - 2528

    Apple TV - 3rd generation, early 2013
    Subfamily - 3rd generation
    Model No. - A1469
    EMC No. - 2633

    And yes, the YouTube channel DOES function when using an Apple TV model #A1469.

    • Answered by Tino Z from Woodbridge
    • 05 19, 15