How do I know if my television set is compatible with Apple TV?

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  • If your TV supports HDMI input and has a resolution of 720p or 1080p, your TV will support Apple TV.

    • Answered by Aashish K
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    If you're TV has a spare HDMI port your right to go. Even if you don't have an HDMI port you can get a converter cable. I run one Apple TV with a converter cable to a 2004 model Fujitsu plasma and it runs with no issues.

    • Answered by Peter S from Glenroy
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  • So long as your TV is reasonably new i.e. with a HDMI port you'll be fine. You will of course need to connect to a network so that ATV can connect to the app store as well as pick up your music and photos from say a Mac.

    • Answered by Christian W
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