I have old Pioneer Plasma tv with no HDMI slot but my cable box has HDMI slot. Will Apple TV work on my plasma if connected to cable box HDMI slot?

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  • Most likely not, because the hdmi ports on your cable box are used to connect a TV to the box to play the content coming through the box from your cable company. These are called output ports and are usually labeled HDMI OUT or just HDMI 1, 2, etc. If any of the HDMI port on your cable box are labeled HDMI IN, then they would be used to route an HD signal from, let’s say, a DVD player through your cable box to your TV.

    If your old Pioneer plasma TV is the type that connects to its own media center box, so that you don’t have to go behind the TV display unit every time you want to change or add a new an input device, then you can connect the Apple TV to one of the Pioneer’s HDMI IN slots on the back of the media center. I hope this helps.

    • Answered by Tom S from San Diego
    • 10 17, 17