If I own AppleTV but do not have a cable network provider, is it legal to use a friend's network provider to log in (e.g., WatchESPN)?

  • Asked by fn from Billings

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    Yes, it's legal. However, your friend's service may be limited to how many people (different streams) can be viewing a stream at any particular time. Many services limit it to 3 concurrent streams, but each provider has their own rules. Furthermore, you may not be able to stream certain channels at all if you're in a different time zone. WE share services in our family so that we don't have to duplicate subscriptions. We use my sister's Netflix account and she uses our Amazon Prime TV account. It actually works to our benefit to be in different time zones as we rarely have more than 3 people trying to stream content at the same time.

    • Answered by Tom S from San Diego
    • 11 16, 17