If I purchase an Apple TV for each of my two HDTVs, can I then mirror my ipad to both apple tvs?

Spending way too much time on the internet researching this. I have found others have accomplished this by connecting the apple TV to a splitter and then run HDMI from the splitter to each HDTV. I don't like this solution as HDMI is not meant for very long runs. I've contacted Apple but the person responded with this is too difficult a question so you need to speak to someone else who knows more about this (not quite in those words)

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  • I attempted this last year with both a splitter AND a switch. Neither would support the switch activity. There was an issue with the HDCP support. I'm now trying to correct the issue and I'm still unable to find a solution.

    • Answered by Amy U from Saint Louis
    • 12 31, 15