If the new Apple TV (4th Gen) is a streaming device, why does it need a 32Gb or 64Gb disk capacity?

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    It needs that level of capacity because although it is a streaming device, it is also capable of downloading applications to its internal drive for offline and faster usage (streaming applications through the internet is often slow) similar to an iPhone or iPad.

    • Answered by Finn F from North York
    • 01 28, 16
  • It's not just a streaming device anymore but can turn your TV into an iOS device as well.

    The original model had an A5 processor, 512MB of RAM and 8GB of storage for a very limited number of apps.

    The current 2015 model can stream 1080p at 60fps and can download the same apps from the App store. Now, whether you want to play "Warhammer - Freeblade" with the controller as a gamepad is one thing, BUT you can now download apps to watch catch-up/FTA (SBS, ABC kids) that were not available on the previous model.

    Hope this helps :)

    • Answered by Gavin T from Cranbourne North
    • 04 27, 16