Kids want apple tv at new house (Australia) Do I still need an antenna to watch the free to air channels or can i get them through apple tv

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    I also live in Oz. I do not yet have an ATV 4, but will soon buy one.
    As far as I know, the answer re antenna is YES, as I have not seen any F-T-A TV station say that they are available on ATV.
    Like FoxTel, unless you live beyond the black stump, no 7,9,10 only ABC/SBS.
    If possible, go to an Apple store and they can show you what is available on the TV OS store. Or ring one and ask them.
    I went to my local Apple store, in Newcastle, and had a look.
    Found PLEX , heaps of games, netflix etc, but no F-T-A TV channels.
    Hope this helps.
    Good luck.

    • Answered by Christopher M from Tingira Heights
    • 11 20, 15
  • to watch 'free to air' you'll need an antenna as per usual ... with AppleTV you will watch stuff via the internet and you can also watch things via the apps on your iPhone (that called Air Play)

    there are a growing number of apps on the new AppleTV - for example 10Play which is catch-up TV for channel 10 shows

    currently you can use the 7Plus app on your iPhone to stream onto your TV via the apple tv device ... with that you can both see catch- up and live TV on the 7 network

    I have had an Apple TV for around 5 years and love it

    am buying an apple tv 4th generation shortly

    • Answered by Peter R from Wagstaffe
    • 11 30, 15
  • Yes, you need to keep the antenna to access free to air channels. However, you might be able to watch certain shows on different network apps. Some local news stations may or may not have an app to stream their content.

    • Answered by Erik R from Anaheim
    • 11 20, 15