What do I need to buy for an Apple TV to connect to my TV without an Internet connection

I have an iPod touch 5th Generation and an iPad 2 and would like to connect my devices to the TV through an Apple TV, I have heard that you do not need Internet, but you do need a home network, how do I do that?

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  • You will need a WiFi router to create a Local Areal Network (LAN). Then your apple TV can connect to your router and your tablets or iphones can connect to the same router (same LAN) in order to use AirPlay from those devices to the Apple TV. You can mirror anything on your phone or tablet, including videos that are stored on your device. But you cannot mirror YouTube or other videos that your phone or tablet gets off the internet. This is because Apple TV is designed to take your phone or tablet out of the loop and get the video directly from the internet (which it can't if it's connected only to the LAN).

    The newer Apple TVs also have BlueTooth connectivity, and may be able to overcome some of the above limitations.

    • Answered by Barry M from Orlando
    • 04 13, 16