What is the extent of NHL coverage, and is a subscription needed in Canada?

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  • You can watch all games technically using NHL Game Center. NHL GC will blackout regionalized games based on where you are located and national televised games. If you are in Edmonton/Sherwood park, the Oiler games will be blacked out when watching the game from a location that is broadcasting the game on tv. To work around this, you can VPN to a location (IE: the USA) and then connect to game center and watch the oilers game, this will work fine for the most part, but does add in another layer (VPN) to deal with; There are lots clients supported for the NHL GameCenter (apple tv, ipad, PC, blackberry,etc). The performance is very good but obviously is dependent on your ISP.

    Short answer, technically every game is viewable using NHL Game Center (20 bucks a month) and this app works well on AppleTV

    Hope this helps,

    • Answered by Tim M from Surrey
    • 02 10, 14