can I hook my ipad to my smart tv to watch movies?

I'm trying to watch movies from my ipad on my smart tv.

2 Answers from the Community

  • You can either purchase an Apple TV which will allow you to mirror your screen onto your TV through airplay or you can purchase the digital AV adapter that Apple sells. Apple TV is usually a smarter choice because it offers a wireless experience and has apps built in. The new ones come as 32gb or 64, which is beneficial if you want to download games or apps that don't come stock built in out of the box.

    • Answered by Ashley G from Kearny
    • 03 23, 17
  • If you are using a streaming service such as Netflix, Amazon prime etc you can just download there apps on your smart TV and start watching movies galore though if they were purchased from iTunes the only way that you can watch them is through an Apple TV connected to your telly which starts at £139 for a 32gb model.

    • Answered by Catherine S
    • 03 23, 17