Can I transfer my contacts from Microsoft Office Outlook and or from Samsung GT-S7562 to ipad Air ?

Contact transfer to ipad Air

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    Yes. There are multiple ways to accomplish this.
    Depending on Outlook version if using iCloud on your current device & have it installed, you can select options during setup or in the iCloud application to add those contacts to your Apple iCloud acct. Depending on your Email service provider (what company Outlook connects to to send/receive email), those contacts may already be online. For example, if you are using Outlook for your job; email may be operating on, or may have migrated to Exchange Online / Office 365. If they have, you are on Office365 Business Essentials, Office 365 Business Premium,or one of the E1-E5 (Enterprise) or even EDU-Campus Office365 plans. Likewise with personal email through Microsoft when using Outlookk (email addresses ending with or ) your Outloook contacts assuming its newer than 2003 RTM is being used, is already online If online when you connect your new Apple device to the internet, and go to settings --> mail, & attach your device to that email service, those contacts will sync flawlessly between the Microsoft email service ad Apple's Mail app.Microsoft's " OWA ":app, available in Apple's app store works well IF your email is an Office365 BUSINESS product.While Android has issues with this, Apple and Microsoft have worked to ensure a seamless and positive multi-brand platform, where connectivity works for the end user, without having to spend money on "sync" apps. ALSO, you may open Outlook, select File then "Open & Export", then "Import/Export", and then "Export to a file", select CSV/Comma Separated Values, and when you click "next" click and highlight the contact group from the list you'll see that you want on your ipad. Save to your computer. Once saved,you can import that to your Apple icloud email, you can also create a free account and "Import" it there.Once your contacts are "in the cloud", anytime mail is set up, on an Apple device, contacts will ALWAYS automatically sync!

    • Answered by Brian B from Wilmington
    • 03 18, 17