Can I transfer my iTunes library from Macbook to iPad

I just purchased a Sonos music system, and want to run it from an iPad. If I buy an iPad, can I transfer my entire library and playlists from Macbook Pro to the new iPad?

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  • The size of you entire music library and playlists would have to be less than or equal to the available storage on your iPad.

    To verify this, on your MacBook Pro visually locate the folder where your music and playlists are stored. In iTunes this would be the iTunes Music folder. Select the folder, then click Get Info from the File menu. Write the size number down.

    On the iPad, select General, then About. Scroll down until you see the Capacity and Available entries. If your iTunes Music folder is smaller in size than the iPad's Available storage capacity, then your entire library can be transferred. If not, it won't.

    Note that iPad memory is fixed and cannot be upgraded.

    • Answered by Steve M from Litchfield
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