Can I watch a downloaded movie i have purchased from the iTunes store on my iPad on an airplane without wifi?

I downloaded a movie from iTunes, started watching it at home with wi-fi access, kept it running as I drove away from home. As soon as I was away from wifi the movie stopped. I've also tried starting the movie on my iPad with wifi turned off, and it won't work. I notice conflicting answers to similar questions. If I can watch a downloaded movie without internet access (wired or wifi), exactly how do I do it?

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    Fully download the movie on iTunes then afterwards when not in wifi. Open the movie in the videos app

    • Answered by Chris H from Brisbane
    • 09 12, 15
  • Chris H.'s answer was a life-saver. Video app! I would have never found my stuff if I hadn't searched this board! Thank you so much! I panicked haha!

    • Answered by Mara B from Bridgewater
    • 06 20, 16
  • Yes

    • Answered by Suliman A
    • 09 5, 16
  • Hi you liked Chris's answer - which video app did you download? I have purchased a Fireman Sam TV programme for my grandson from I tunes but cannot get this to play when I have no internet. thanks for your help.

    • Answered by Christine L
    • 07 26, 16