cheapest data plans for ipod touch 2nd gen and ipad 4?

what im really looking for is the "gift cards" that are for "data plans" only. where the heck are they? i have a fam dollar nera by. havent checked it out yet tho.

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    If I understand the questions correctly, there are a couple of issues at hand here.

    The iPod Touch is wi-fi only and does not have cellular connectivity. Since data plans for hand held devices require cellular connectivity, there are no data plans for the iPod Touch. It simply does not work on any current cellular network.

    If the iPad 4 is a wi-fi+cellular model, is unlocked, and has a SIM card slot, no-contract / pay-as-you-go plans are available at some local stores. If that is what is meant by "gift cards", then here's what will be needed:

    1. From the Apple web site or user manual, verify that the iPad is a cellular model, and determine what size SIM card the iPad has.
    2. Visit the pay-as-you-go or no-contract celluar provider of your choice web site, and look for the "Bring your own phone" section.

    Many of the no-contract companies will ask you to enter your device's IEMI or MEID and zip code to determine device compatability and coverage area, respectively.

    3. Purchase and install the appropriate SIM card. You'll also need to buy a data plan or "gift" card.

    Some of the no-contract companies will sell the SIM and "gift" cards separately or may bundle them for initial use. You only need one SIM card.

    Many of the no-contract carriers provide step-by step instructions and/or assistance specific to their service, your iPad, and coverage area.

    Remember, that "gift cards" are not refundable, returnable, and cannot be exchanged. All have a time usage limit (e.g., 30, 45, 90 days) as well as a some form of data cap.

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