do i ever need to replace the battery on my ipad mini?

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    The simple answer is, probably not. Replacing a battery in Apple hand held products is best left to the professionals.

    There are many factors to consider when determing battery life. A cursory check of the web shows that extreme temperatures such as leaving the iPad on the car dashboard in the broiling summer sun might shorten battery (and device) life.

    Nothing lasts forever, and years down the road you may discover that the iPad doesn't last as long when not plugged in or doesn't take a full charge. Then it's time to consider replacement battery costs vs. a new iPad.

    The iPad owners manual gives some sage advice on charging and appropriate operating and storage temperature ranges. Treat it carefully, charge it when necessary, don't expose it to temperature extremes, and the battery will last longer than if the device is mistreated. Chances are the battery will outlast the device's usefulness.

    • Answered by Steve M from Litchfield
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  • Good Question.. I have had a mini for 2 years (came with IOS7). I use it about 3 hours a day (wife gets mad��) I always update the IOS, AND battery still going strong.

    • Answered by Edmund C from Deerfield Beach
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